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Club Layout Photos

Below are some photographs of Grindley Brook in its earlier days of construction. They've been roughly grouped into the canal bridge area, goods shed area and the station area.

'O' Gauge

Grindley Brook - (canal bridge area)

View over canal bridge to tunnel

The canal bridge and surrounding area nearing completion [Photographer: David Brocklehurst]

View under the canal bridge

The canal is also nearing completion [Photographer: David Brocklehurst]

42774 exists the tunnel

42774 exits the tunnel at Grindley Brook [Photographer: Peter Storey]

View under the canal bridge

The canal is also nearing completion [Photographer: Gary Kerr]

Construction has continued on the canal bridge but has still to be finished.  The progress has also been made to the lifiting bridge.

Construction has continued on the canal bridges [Photographer: David Brocklehurst]

Canal bridge under construction.  A lifting bridge is also under construction at the rear of the layout and the water is yet to be coloured

The canal bridge under construction [Photographer: Peter Storey]

Canal bridge under contruction

Track laying over the canal is completed and discussion takes place on the next phase [Photographer: Gary Kerr]

Ballasting of the track under the bridge

Ballasting the track under the bridge [Photographer: Peter Storey]

Grindley Brook - (goods shed area)

A weighbride for the coal yard has been introduced

The weighbridge at Grindley Brook is starting to take shape [photographer: Peter Storey]

The goods shed construction is now nearing completion

The cardboard goods shed has now been replaced [Photographer: David Brocklehurst]

Another view of the goods shed

An alternative view of the goods shed [Photographer: Peter Storey]

Test Train

A test train passes checking for wiring defects [Photographer: Peter Storey]

Ballasting of the track between the platforms is nearing completion, cardboard placholders of the station buildings are still in place

Ballasting the track between the platforms [Photographer: Peter Storey]

Grindley Brook - (station area)

Construction of fencing around the station building

David, Colin and Peter installing fencing around the station building [Photographer: Gary Kerr]

Construction of the road bridge over the track

Colin and Brian landscaping the embankment of the road bridge [Photographer: Gary Kerr]

The cardboard footbridge has been replaced with one in brass and 'teddy-bear-fur' grass has been planted

The road bridge embankment has now been planted as has the footbridge [Photographer: David Brocklehurst]

Initial colouring applied to the grass and footbridge

The embankment now has an initial colouring applied as has the footbridge [Photographer: Gary Kerr]

Touching in the colouring of the platform paving

The platform paving slabs have now been laid. Brian and David start on touching in the colouring [Photographer: Peter Storey]

Laying track on the main running line

Colin, Peter and Mike laying track on one of the main running lines [Photographer: Gary Kerr]

The new layout attached to the test track

The new scenic section is finally connected to the test track fiddle yard [Photographer: Peter Storey]

Card mock-up buildings to get their positioning

Card mock-ups of buildings to get their rough positions [Photographer: Peter Storey]

Platform construction and rough landscaping started

Platform and rough landscaping now laid out [Photographer: Peter Storey]