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N Gauge Club Layouts

New N Gauge Layout - Neece Creek

Ontario Northland hoppers

Coal hoppers waiting for collection [photographer: Gary Kerr]

Its been some time since we've had a N gauge layout (mainly due to no one in the club modelling in that scale at the time), but now, as we have a few members that do, a new layout was created. Its loosley been set in North America around a coal loading facility with a small chemical plant, associated warehousing and grain loader. In addition its been arranged to allow a continious run of track just to 'watch the trains go by'.

N Gauge Test Track

N Test track

N test track [photographer: Gary Kerr]

Our N gauge test track consists on three loops with a fourth set up as an 'inglenook'. All can be operated under DC or DCC control. The test track is available for public use on our running days, see our home page, for dates.